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About AnglerNorth.com

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About AnglerNorth

AnglerNorth.com is a website dedicated to learning fly fishing, and selling the equipment that you need to get started. We specialize in selling starter kits and teaching people how to use them. We release articles that are for beginners and pro’s alike. We also welcome any guest contributions to our blog!

This site is a small release for our constant desire to fish. At least when it’s too cold or impractical to fish, we can come to the site and talk about it with our friends, and you!

How We’re Different

As a small company, we can offer very personalized service to our customers, and spend time (both through our blog and through email or phone contact) making sure that our customers are successful with their fly fishing experience, and that they like or love our products. You can’t get that with a company like Orvis or Cabellas. We sell a feature set of products that cater to the needs of beginners, with slightly fewer options for seasoned anglers. We will probably expand this in the future, but we don’t have plans for that right now.

We have personality. Because we’re not a big stuffy corporate outfit, we can be more straightforward with you about most things. We’re like the Jim Cramer for fly fishing, without going overboard. We’re excited to talk about fly fishing, and that comes through in almost all of our writing (emails, blog posts, etc).

We have the ability to be a bit more cutting edge. We will post photos, video, podcasts, and other cutting edge media formats that the bigger companies have been lazy to implement. This should make the experience more fun for all of us!

Meet The Team

Larry - The fly fishing pro, writer, and all around “do-er” on the AnglerNorth team. Significantly less lazy than Nick and Joe!

Joe - Experienced fly-fisherman, teacher, shipping and receiving department, and the guy who screams the loudest when the website doesn’t work!

Nick - Regularly hooks himself and others around him, teacher, writer, and the half-assed techy running this website.

Why We’re Here

AnglerNorth.com came out of my (Nick) desire to learn to fly fish. Yes, I know it sounds selfish, but if you think that sounds bad, check out the more specific reasons (in no particular order):

  • I saw people fly fishing near a lake home that my parents purchased. I stayed and watched a little while, and it seemed liked a lot of fun.
  • I searched the web and tried to figure out if I would like fly fishing.
  • I looked for a starter kit so that I could try fly fishing without breaking the bank.
  • I wanted to learn the basics of fly fishing without spending a lot of money on a casting class or something like that. I didn't want to bother people I know that fly fish with something I was unsure if I would pursue. I didn't want to waste their time teaching me to fish if I wasn't going to like it.
  • I was disgusted at some of the prices of fly fishing equipment. Fly fishing can be a real "elitist" sport, and because of that prices are awfully high for beginners unless you start at a garage sale. Even if you start at a garage sale, how do you know everything that you need to buy? (HINT: check out our checklist!)
  • I knew that I hated regular fishing. Throwing out some bait, and eating a sandwich while waiting for a fish to bite isn’t my idea of a good time. Plus I always screw up those spinning reels.
  • I tried fly fishing and I really enjoyed it.
  • I teamed up with some experts and build this site so that you wouldn't go through the same thing.

Now we provide articles, videos, illustrations, and other things that help you learn to fly fish! We also sell starter kits (and some really nice high end fly reels!) and all the equipment that you need to get started, and keep fly fishing if you like it.
We offer a community to discuss, teach, brag about, and just generally have fun with fly fishing!

Plans for the future

We want AnglerNorth.com to become a hub for fly fishing in the near future. While we have certain plans, we’re not even entirely sure what this means just yet!

Our Beliefs

We believe that fly fishing is a health activity for all ages. We think that it can bring families together in a much better, tighter, cooler way than TV and video games can, and we’d like to see more people start to fly fish.

We generally practice catch and release – except for when we’re hungry! We think that there are some areas that are over fished, and we will probably never take fish from those rivers/streams.

We want to protect the environment, and we regularly donate portions of our good luck (revenue from this site) to various charities that support the environment. We are thinking about joining 1 percent for the planet, but we like the ability to donate to different charities at different time.

Contact Info

35 Glenvale Ave.
Billerica, MA 01821


Email: nick[[at]]anglernorth.com

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